Some Commonly Found Preservatives

I’m including some commonly used preservatives that you might find in an ingredient list. This isn’t an exhaustive list, because unfortunately there are so many preservatives out there under various guises. If you’re not sure what something means on an ingredient list, its best to do some research before buying it.

BHT (Butylated hydroxyanisole and BHA (butylated hydroxytoluene): used to preserve shelf life, and spotted in a variety of foods, including cereal to foods with high fat content

Sodium Nitrate: mainly used to preserve meat; linked to higher incidences of cancer

Sulfites: used to prevent discoloration in drinks such as wine and beer, fruit juice, fruit fillings and other products; can trigger asthma symptoms

Sodium Benzoate: fights bacteria and fungus under acidic conditions; it is known to contribute to hyperactivity when combined with food coloring

Remember… preservatives are sneaky. Always stay on the look out.

Forgiving the Flesh–In Which I Recount the Ways My Body Has Betrayed Me

I’d like to share a moving post about one woman’s account of the difficulties with her body and mind and their plight to help and protect, yet sometimes betray. It is a beautifully written piece. I hope we can all embrace and forgive our bodies.


Dear Lily June,

As human beings, we live in the flimsy structures of our fleshy bodies. Our hearts, like birds, are protected only by a cage of ribs; our minds, like yolks, sit inside the bony eggs of our skulls. It is a system designed to be fragile and frail. We are not built to last forever.

In my youth, I felt as if my body was invincible and thus, I treated it as if it were invisible. (In fact, your Grandma Raelyn might recall to you someday how I used to hide my body, as a toddler, under my ratty baby blanket, transforming myself into a makeshift ghost and earnestly believing no one could see me when I was under there.)

When my own Grandmother Mary began the comparison game as I hit my early teens, wondering why I couldn’t “try to be beautiful” like my sister–your Aunt Loren–I…

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Feingold Diet for Attention Difficulties


The Feingold Diet is a diagnostic tool used to investigate whether elimination of preservatives, dyes and certain foods may decrease symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Even those who do not suffer from ADHD could benefit from the Feingold Diet because the purpose of it is to systematically analyze how removing chemicals from the body can positively influence the brain.

Is the Feingold Diet the solution for ADHD? I wouldn’t go that far. However, research shows that it has marked benefits in some people. By the way, the diet isn’t exclusively for children.

Check out to find out more. Under the section about dyes, there is a link that reads, “What they can do to you.” There is a detailed list of dyes and their physiological effects. It’s a nice resource to put in the kitchen as a reminder.