Arsenic in Wine

liv27wine_OSBS_02-27-2008_FLA_LIV_R91GD650.jpg  Arsenic is far beyond a preservative. In high doses, it can be deadly. However, it also occurs naturally in some foods, although in low amounts.  Unfortunately, it appears that some wine companies may have decided to add additional arsenic to some wine brands during the filtration process. Well, why would anyone want to do that? Arsenic apparently clarifies wine and gives it a more sparkly look. I’d rather drink my wine cloudy. There’s a lot of controversy around this topic right now, but little hard evidence of all that’s going on, so be aware and objective in what you’re hearing about this topic. More details will likely unfold with time. In the mean time, do a little bit of research on your favorite wine brands and read this article for more details while you’re sipping on your hopefully arsenic-free drink. Cheers.,d.eXY

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