Some Commonly Found Preservatives

I’m including some commonly used preservatives that you might find in an ingredient list. This isn’t an exhaustive list, because unfortunately there are so many preservatives out there under various guises. If you’re not sure what something means on an ingredient list, its best to do some research before buying it.

BHT (Butylated hydroxyanisole and BHA (butylated hydroxytoluene): used to preserve shelf life, and spotted in a variety of foods, including cereal to foods with high fat content

Sodium Nitrate: mainly used to preserve meat; linked to higher incidences of cancer

Sulfites: used to prevent discoloration in drinks such as wine and beer, fruit juice, fruit fillings and other products; can trigger asthma symptoms

Sodium Benzoate: fights bacteria and fungus under acidic conditions; it is known to contribute to hyperactivity when combined with food coloring

Remember… preservatives are sneaky. Always stay on the look out.

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