The Freedom to Make Resolutions Any Ole’ Time You Please

Who Needs Preservatives


Did you get that gym membership yet? Swear off sugar, wine or cigarettes? Feeling a bit overwhelmed? A little jittery from chocolate withdrawal, maybe? Yes, yes, I know it’s only January 3rd, but a sense of discouragement can set in surprisingly quickly sometimes. Why? Unattainable goals are not real goals. They’ll only lead to quick burnout and bad feelings.

Resolutions are decisions. We make them at a point when we’re so tired of wanting to change that we decide to take the steps to do things differently. For many, coming to that point is a journey of frustrating and sometimes unfortunate events. And this is precisely why New Year’s resolutions usually tend to fail. They begin on a day chosen collectively by society, rather than by a true inner desire to change and the much needed experiences that drive our resolve forward.

New Year’s resolutions may often feel like a burdensome obligation instead of an exciting, well thought out plan. Just because we’re embarking on…

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3 thoughts on “The Freedom to Make Resolutions Any Ole’ Time You Please

  1. New Year’s resolutions are often made at the wrong time for the wrong reasons. If a person is looking for a positive direction, a positive MINDSET needs to be discovered FIRST. The trick is NOT to UNDO the damage, but rather to modify a lifestyle (REALISTICALLY) that places the individual on a chosen path in life. It’s about determining SELF VALUE and deciding what components in life need additional attention (followed by ACTION) to achieve the quality of life desired.
    Following this PURPOSE in life creates personal growth and development making a resolution more meaningful.
    Wishing you and your family a HEALTHY and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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