The Lyrics Said, “Forevermore”


IMG_1002Even in times of illness, there may be small, momentary sparks of hope. I recently wrote a fiction piece inspired by my work with those who suffer from brain disorders. You can find it featured on Women.Who.Write:

I’d love to hear about your perceptions and stories of strength, even despite health obstacles.


Relationship between Preservatives and Dementia

I currently provide psychological services to patients suffering from dementia. The umbrella term of dementia includes Alzheimer’s Disease, Vascular Dementia and Parkinson’s Disease-related Dementia, among others. There seem to be a variety of reasons people develop dementia, one of them being linked to consumption of preservatives. Dr. Suzanne de la Monte has discovered a relationship between dementia, insulin production and preservatives. She reports that preservatives in the body can cause increased insulin resistance. Insulin is most often associated with the pancreas, however, insulin is also produced in the brain. According to Dr. de la Monte, lack of insulin in the brain is related to dementia. Read the article here: