The Lyrics Said, “Forevermore”


IMG_1002Even in times of illness, there may be small, momentary sparks of hope. I recently wrote a fiction piece inspired by my work with those who suffer from brain disorders. You can find it featured on Women.Who.Write:

I’d love to hear about your perceptions and stories of strength, even despite health obstacles.


2 thoughts on “The Lyrics Said, “Forevermore”

  1. Patty:
    The Lyrics Said, “Forevermore”, was excellent. It was highly effective in allowing readers to explore a patient’s state of disorientation which drives them to behave in seemingly erratic, anti-social, and uncharacteristic ways. I know full well the challenges these situations present. It is my belief this story will help someone to better understand their loved one faced with cognitive degeneration.

    I recently referenced your story (with proper citation of course) in a self-reflective essay for my leadership course. It occurred to me that your story is archetypical for multicultural awareness in the workplace. What does that mean SRJones? Basically, as your story suggests, understanding the perspectives of others can help to improve interactions with them. This can also result in effective leadership behaviors. I am sure there is a massive amount of “nerd” literature which confirms this belief but it was your work that blessed me with my “aha” moment. Thank you for your enlightening story. I am looking forward to more dialogue pertaining to this matter.

    May the entire Food is Life community prosper in your total well -being


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    • Hi S, It’s wonderful to hear that the piece is being used as a tool in understanding diversity as well. I like your description of how dementia appears from the outside looking in, “seemingly erratic and anti-social,” causing sufferers to be misunderstood. Thanks so much for your insightful reflections!



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