The Paleo Diet

IMG_4859It’s always better to know what we can do versus what we can’t. Hearing what we can’t do makes us want to do it more, in fact. The paleo diet, named after the paleolithic era, is formulated around eating foods that were found through hunting and gathering. Therefore, farming, which only came along a little over 300 years ago isn’t actually completely natural, according to paleo followers. I have to say though, I personally have no problem with farms who follow ethical practices. Organic? Free range? I’m down. Then again, I love food so I’m going to try not to narrow down my options whenever possible.

Anyway, there are many options to choose from within the paleo diet, so you won’t feel terribly restricted in what you eat. Full disclosure: Do I follow the paleo diet strictly? Ummm, sort of. I don’t prescribe to any one diet. Instead, I incorporate ideas about eating based on what I know to be healthy or harmful, research, and my body’s reaction to various foods. So far, the principles of the paleo diet I’ve applied have gone very well.

Why paleo? Find out more…

Let me know how it’s going with your attempts and success at a paleo diet.

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