Multiple powerful insights in this piece by Dr. Jonathan, whose ideas on health are life-altering. Pay close attention to the questions you should consider asking your doctor.

All About Healthy Choices

dr-seuss-600I was taught the importance of an education as a young child. This education became more concentrated as I grew up and attended college. As a result, I developed a PASSION for HEALTH which became my primary focus in education. This culminated in a career as a physician.

This title, “PHYSICIAN” created a cloak of authority and power. My life developed “value” as my patients turned to me for guidance and instilled their confidence in my health decision making skills. It reinforced my “relevance” and proved to society “I MATTERED.” Thankfully, maturity and experience taught me how naive this perception was.

Most of us experience this “I MATTERphenomenon. Whether we become a “VALUED” employee or produce a “VALUED” product or service, we often use these values to determine we MATTER.

Our government values us based on our ability…

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